f(x)’s Krystal Shows Off Her Toe Strength

Cable channel On Style revealed the video teaser for the upcoming show “Jessica & Krystal.”

On May 24, On Style posted on the video teaser of their new reality program onto its official Facebook page.

In the video, the Jung Sisters, Girls’ Generation’s Jessica and f(x)’s Krystal, are sitting on the sofa in comfortable clothing in a space provided just for the two of them while filming their reality show.

Jessica is looking somewhere and states “Let’s make a phone call,” and then she looks at her younger sister Krystal and adds “With your phone.” Krystal picked up her own phone with her toes and guided it towards Jessica, which resulted in Jessica’s explosive laughter. Krystal knew her actions were hilarious and couldn’t contain her laughter.

“Jessica & Krystal” is a ten episode reality program at 60 minutes per episode that follows the everyday lives of Jessica and Krystal. The program plans to reveal the secrets of the Jung Sisters’ fashion and various aspects of their everyday lives. The first broadcast will be on June 3 at 11 PM.