[Contest] Cast Your Vote for “Show Us Your K-Pop” Round 2!

Hey Soompiers! Are you ready for another friendly round?

More than a thousand entries were submitted for “Show Us Your K-Pop,” a fun and lighthearted contest where fans show other Soompiers what consists of their K-Pop world whether it’s showing off their room full of K-Pop merchandise, their intricate nail art, skilled portrait drawings of K-Pop idols or other creative ideas. After a difficult screening process, 85 entries were qualified for the first round and now the top 25 will go on to the next.

For those who just heard of the contest and missed out on the fun so far, no worries! Anyone and everyone, even those who didn’t submit entries, can participate in all of the voting rounds!

For Round 2, you’ll be able to vote three times! Make sure to use up all your allotted votes~

So, how do you vote? It’s quite simple! Just-

1. Go to Soompi’s Homepage on LINE

Download link (works only on mobile)

2. Click on the link for Round 2
3. Vote x3! (Remember, you can vote 3 times~)

Also, don’t forget to spread the word and tell your friends~ You can scroll all the way down after you vote and press “Share.”

Round 2 has just begun and will last until Tuesday, May 27 at 11:59 p.m. (KST).

So, what are you waiting for~ Go and cast your vote! Also, stay tuned for Round 3!

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