Baek Ji Young Returns with New Beautiful Ballad “Still in Love” MV Featuring Yeo Jin Goo

Known as the queen of ballads, Baek Ji Young made her comeback with her new song, “Still in Love.” The singer, who recently released the ost “Fervor” for the movie “Fatal Encounters,” will be officially making her comeback after one year and four months.

still in love

The song once again highlighted Baek Ji Young’s amazing vocals and vocal range, as the singer’s powerful voice complemented the song’s melody. As the song focused on love and heartbreak, the great anticipation for another hit ballad seemed to have been fulfilled. Furthermore, as the teaser for the music video featured an old man crying due to heartbreak, fans were asked to guess the identity of the person acting as the old man. After much speculation, it was revealed that the actor was none other than young actor Yeo Jin Goo.

“Still in Love” was released on online music sites at 12PM (KST). Check out the music video below!