Infinite Tops Album Charts in Five Days with Second Album “Season 2”

Boy group Infinite topped the weekly album charts with their second official album “Season 2.”

According to Hanteo Chart, which records physical album sales, Infinite’s “Season 2” sold 50,000 copies in five days, rising to the number one spot on the chart.

Previously, Infinite has claimed the number one spot on the album sales chart with their albums “New Challenge” and “Destiny.”

Infinite’s latest album saw the boy group collaborate with various talented artists and producers, including their long-time producer Sweetune (“The Chaser,” “Man In Love“), Rphabet who produced their hit “Destiny,” and J.Yoon who is known for producing “Tic Toc.”

Their latest title track “Last Romeo” shows off Infinite’s original charms, and it is also doing well on the digital charts. 

Infinite is currently busy with their promotional activities after making a comeback on May 21.