Jung Joon Young and Younha Leave Each Other Messages in Their Latest Collab Teaser

Jung Joon Young and Younha, with the release of their collaboration coming up soon, have released their second teaser image for “Just the Way You Are.”

The teaser shows the two singers standing next to a chalkboard which embodies the message of their new collaboration, written on it the singers’ messages to each other. Jung Joon Young says to Younha, “You’re short, but you’re alright,” and Younha reciprocates with, “You’re always reliable, thank you.”

The staff members that accompany the two singers also left their personal messages to the singers, from which we get glimpses of their true personalities. Jung Joon Young’s staff said things like, “I like that you’re honest,” “Bad boy? You’re so nice,” and “You’re always thirty minutes early!” For Younha, her staff said, “A true professional,” “Sweet vocals,” and “You’re nice and pretty!”

An official from CJ E&M said, “The song ‘Just the Way You Are” is made to heal. The core of the message is that even if you’re a little imperfect, even if you’re different, it’s okay. We hope that anyone who listens to this song receives even just a little bit of consolation and confidence.”

Jung Joon Young and Younha’s “Just the Way You Are” will be released on May 29.

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