Jang Dong Gun Praises Kim Woo Bin’s Acting

On May 26, during an interview with OSEN, actor Jang Dong Gun complimented his junior Kim Woo Bin by calling him an “instinctive actor.”

In the movie “Friend 2,” Kim Woo Bin played the role of the son of Jang Dong Gun’s character, Dong Soo, from the original “Friend.” Jang Dong Gun continued his words of praise for the younger actor as he shared, “I first saw Kim Woo Bin while filming SBS’ drama ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity.’ He left an impression at the time. I heard that he was new to acting but it seemed like he was instinctively good at it. He was amazing.”

Jang Dong Gun added, “The people around me even said that they got the same feeling from him [Kim Woo Bin] as when actor Ryu Seung Bum first came out. He acts on instinct. I had a feeling he would get bigger in the future.”

In other news, the actor’s upcoming movie “No Tears for the Dead,” which is a story of a man who has nothing to lose and a woman who has nothing left, is scheduled to premiere in June.