G.NA Expresses Disappointment Over the End of A Pink’s “Mr. Chu” Promotions?

Singer G.NA took an affectionate picture with the members of A Pink, to comfort their sadness about the end of promotions for the much-loved “Mr. Chu.”

On May 25, G.NA posted a photo with this message on her personal Twitter. “Today was A Pink’s last broadcastㅜㅜ I’m sad because I liked promoting with them ㅜㅡㅜ You worked hard~♡ Group shot from today’s ‘Inkigayo’! Love you girls~ with my baby girls A Pink!”

In the revealed photos, G.NA and the A Pink members can be seen making cute faces and doing various poses for the camera. They are drawing attention for their overflowing charms.

Meanwhile, G.NA is in the middle of actively promoting her new single “G.NA’s Secret” (“Pretty Lingerie”).

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