Jessica Disses Krystal in the Latest Teaser for “Jessica & Krystal”

Girls’ Generation’s Jessica has done it. She called her sister ugly. In the teaser for “Jessica & Krystal” released by OnStyle on May 26 on their official YouTube channel, Jessica and sister Krystal (f(x)) are seen staring into the camera, after which Jessica says, “Hey, you’re ugly.” At this, Krystal plays along, saying, “Right? I’m ugly.”

Jessica then reveals that she used to say, “Hey you, the ugly one!” when addressing Krystal as children,” leaving viewers with promises of more glimpses into the sisters’ childhood with their reality show.

“Jessica & Krystal” will air on Tuesday, June 3 at 11PM (KST).

Check out the teaser below! 

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