Duble Sidekick and Shinsadong Tiger Join Forces under Wellmade Yedang

Wellmade Yedang announced on May 26 that it has bought stocks in both Shinsadong Tiger and Duble Sidekick’s entertainment agencies (respectively Cashmere Records and Double Kick Entertainment), thus ascending as the largest shareholder of each.

Wellmade Yedang stated that “Based on the two composers’ fresh and innovative skills, we anticipate the creation of new contents and the discovery of outstanding new talent. Through the initiative of our subsidiary DreamT Entertainment’s marketing team and by working with our other affiliates, we will dominate the music industry.”

Duble Sidekick and Shinsadong Tiger are working together to compose the soundtrack to Wellmade Yedang’s drama “Dr. Stranger,” which airs on SBS on Mondays and Tuesdays.

The corporation also signed MC Mong and has finalized a contract with Seo Tae Ji to direct the veteran singer’s upcoming solo concert.

Wellmade Yedang