2AM’s Seulong Makes a Guest Appearance at IU’s Solo Concert

Seems like Seulong of male group 2AM and solo singer IU have remained close since their hit “Nagging” back in 2010!

On May 25, Seulong wrote on his Instagram, “IU’s concert. Surprise guest,” and shared a photo taken together with the female artist. 

In the photo, the two are showing off their friendly relationship. While IU is looking sweet in her flower-print shirt and neatly styled black hair, Seulong has placed his hand on IU’s shoulder like a caring older brother. They both have gentle smiles on their faces, looking cute while posing for the camera. As the singers received much love for their song “Nagging” four years ago, fans have been showing excited reactions to their reunion.

From May 22 to June 1, IU will be holding her solo concerts at Sogang University Mary Hall