Boyfriend’s Jeongmin and Minwoo Tease Upcoming Comeback with Photos and New Twitter Accounts

Great news for Boyfriend fans!

The boys’ upcoming comeback is drawing nearer, as members Jeongmin and Minwoo have revealed teaser images for their newest concept! 

In the photos released today by the official Boyfriend Facebook page, Jeongmin can be seen staring off into the distance while Minwoo is not shy to give the audience a deep gaze. Both are portrayed in black and white and don simplistic accessories and hair. 

To celebrate their newest comeback, the two also opened brand new Twitter accounts! Fans can now follow Minwoo @BOYF_MW and Jeongmin @BOYF_JM. Their first tweets are as follows:

Jeongmin: “This is the photo to commemorate my new Twitter account. Please follow me~”

Minwoo: “I used a group Twitter account, but this is the first time I made my own account~~ (Wow~!) But Twitter is really difficult… See you soon everyone~”

Boyfriend will be coming back with a new album in June. If you haven’t already, be sure to also check out their first video comeback teaser!