4Minute is the First K-Pop Girl Group to Hold Solo Concert in Europe

Girl group 4Minute has successfully wrapped up their second official solo concert in Europe.

On May 25, 4Minute opened up their very own concert “4Minute Fan Bash in Stockholm 2014” at the Debaser Medis in Stockholm, Sweden. Over 1,000 fans from all over Europe, including Norway, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, and more, gathered to watch the two hour concert.

4Minute is the first-ever Korean girl group to hold a solo concert in Europe. Prior to their performance in Stockholm, the group also enjoyed an exciting concert in Barcelona, Spain on May 23.

The members were met with loud cheers from the audience as soon as they opened up the concert with “What’s Your Name?” They displayed their characteristic powerful performance and brought up the atmosphere with the “club performance” concept, using Europe’s much loved electronic sound.

4Minute showcased a number of special stages that were prepared especially for the Europe concert, receiving a positive response from the fans. The group was able to show off their various charms through remix performances, as well as their skilled dancing during dance breaks.
4minute stockholm 2

4minute stockholm