Jang Dong Gun Predicts SHINee Minho and Super Junior Siwon will Succeed as Actors

Jang Dong Gun picked two male idols he thinks will succeed as actors.

During an interview for his upcoming film “Crying Man,” Jang Dong Gun was asked about current management company, SM Entertainment.

About his agency, Jang Dong Gun said, “I went to a management company specializing in singers, but I don’t think it’s that different from other companies. Perhaps it’s because I moved with my original manager and staff. But when I do movie premiers, it’s nice to have so many SM artists come and support me.”

He added, “when I run into them, we talk about our own fields. I sometimes give advice to idols who want to go into acting.”

When asked about which SM idol seems like they would succeed as actors, Jang Dong Gun replied, “SHINee‘s Minho will succeed. He has a lot of interest in acting and he tries his best at everything he does. Siwon of Super Junior seems like he’s already a very good actor.”

Jang Dong Gun’s upcoming action film “Crying Man”, directed by “The Man From Nowhere” director Lee Jung Bum, also stars Kim Min Hee. It is scheduled to open in June.