Cast of “Daddy, Where Are You Going?” Spotted in Shanghai and Hong Kong

The cast of MBC‘s hit variety show “Daddy, Where Are You Going?” has been spotted in China.

On May 26 pictures of the members of the father-child variety program surfaced on Chinese media sites like Sina.

According to the Chinese media, Sung Dong Il and his daughter Sung Bin were sighted in Shanghai. Meanwhile, Kim Sung Joo and his son Kim Min Yul, and Yoon Min Soo and his son Yoon Hoo were sighted in Hong Kong.

Representatives of MBC announced on May 26 that “some members of “Daddy, Where Are You Going?” have traveled abroad to film for the show. They left on May 24 and will return on May 26.”

The abroad trip episodes of second season of “Daddy, Where Are You Going?” are already garnering much anticipation from fans.

Daddy Where Are You Going China