Infinite’s Woohyun and K-Much’s Kiu Injured During “Idol Futsal World Cup”

Infinite’s Woohyun and K-Much’s Kiu were injured while playing futsal.

On May 26, filming took place for MBC’s World Cup Special, “Idol Futsal World Cup.” Idols were split into four teams (A-D), after which they locked heads in intense competition. Woohyun suffered an injury in the first round, and Kiu in the second round.

Today (May 27), the two idols have gotten much better. During one of the futsal matches on May 26, Woohyun was sliding, when he was injured after heavy impact, and had to leave the field with the help of his teammates. However, he soon returned to the field, where he scored a goal and was showered with cheers from fans.

An official said to TV Report, “He [Woohyun] fell on his shoulder, and said it hurt. The injury isn’t serious, and he is currently recovering. He will need to do physical therapy for the time being.”

K-Much’s Kiu, who used to play soccer, really showed his skill on the field that day. However, Kiu fell during a match and couldn’t get up for a bit, worrying the spectators and his fellow athletes.

An official from Kiu’s agency said, “Luckily it was not a big injury. According to the medic on site, it was a sprain and some bruising. Currently, his condition is good.”

MBC’s “Idol Futsal World Cup” will air in the beginning of June.

Let’s hope for the full recovery of Woohyun and Kiu!