Actor Chun Jung Myung Breaks Up with Girlfriend

Actor Chun Jung Myung has revealed that the rumors of him breaking up with his girlfriend are true.

On May 27, Chun Jung Myung’s agency stated in a telephone interview, “It is true that Chun Jung Myung has recently broken up with his girlfriend. One week ago, after an article about their dating surfaced, his non-celebrity girlfriend was having a hard time with all of the attention she was getting from people around her. What was especially stressful for her was when her personal circumstances and photos were revealed on the Internet.”

The agency representative added, “Chun Jung Myung thought the two of them could associate more comfortably if they admitted that they were dating, but seeing as how she was a normal citizen, she had a lot of psychological burden. Chun Jung Myung is also hurting from the breakup.”

A media report on May 21 revealed the relationship. The media site reported “Chun Jung Myung dating a normal citizen 12 years his junior” along with posting a picture of the two at their dating site.

Chun Jung Myung’s agency confirmed that the two were dating after the report came out. However, the excessive attention from the press and general public lead to the two breaking up.

Chun Jung Myung is currently resting at home preparing for his next project.

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