Kim Tae Hee Offered a Role in the Chinese Drama “Wang Xi Zhi”

Kim Tae Hee is considering an offer to appear as the heroine in a Chinese drama.

On May 27, according to a Lua Entertainment representative, Kim Tae Hee was offered the role of the heroine in a Chinese historical series “Wang Xi Zhi” and is mulling over whether to appear.

Kim Tae Hee’s agency revealed “The discussions are affirmatively proceeding and that we need to consult with the Chinese production company more on the specific details.”

If Kim Tae Hee does decided to appear in “Wang Xi Zhi,” it will be the first time that she sets foot in a Chinese drama. Everyone is focusing on Kim Tae Hee, wondering if she can become the goddess of the Asian contintent.

Kim Tae Hee has been preparing for her follow-up project after appearing in the 2013 series “Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love.” Kim Tae Hee also appeared in the last episode of the Chinese TV show “Bringing the Stars to You,” displaying her cooking ability and showing off her charms.


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