Secret Stars Hyosung and Sunhwa Transform into “Tough Girls” for Ceci

Fashion magazine Ceci has completed a photo shoot with Secret stars Hyosung and Sunhwa. The girl group members modeled for a feature entitled “Tough Girls.”

Indeed, the photos reveal a slightly different look for the girls, who pose, unsmiling in the pictures. They both sport striking eye shadow, too; Hyosung wears a vivid green shade, while Sunhwa wears a daring orange.


A spokesperson for Secret’s agency, TS Entertainment, told the media, “The girls usually come across as very friendly and cute, but this time they look quite tough. Hyosung has such a narrow waist and Sunhwa’s face reminds you of a Barbie doll. The entire effect makes for quite a unique look.”

Hyosung’s first solo song, “Goodnight Kiss,” was released earlier this month, and Secret’s most recent release as a group was last year’s mini album, “Gift From Secret,” featuring the track “I Do I Do.”

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