Jiyeon Releases Uncut Version of “Never Ever”

T-ara member Jiyeon recently released the uncut version of her music video for the song Never Ever.”

The uncut version features the full video of Jiyeon dancing the hip and bat dance, which is even more alluring and powerful than the ones seen in her earlier music video. The special edition of the music video includes about 30% of edited footage, extending the music video by an additional two minutes.

Towards the end of the music video, there is a surprise behind-the-scenes video of Jiyeon which will give an added element to the clip.

Jiyeon’s solo debut track “Never Ever,” which talks about a woman’s earnest feelings about not wanting to give up the man she loves, gained a lot of interest upon its release. Currently, it holds the top spot in the Chinese music video website, Yin Yue Tai.

Watch the video below!