EXO’s Kai Transforms into a Ballerino for The Celebrity

On May 27, lifestyle magazine The Celebrity released a pictorial of EXO Kai’s transformation into a ballerino for its June issue. Kai shared that when he was younger, he dreamed of becoming a ballerino after watching “The Nutcracker.”

Kai, who is known to be one of EXO’s best dancers, explained the reason behind his ballerino attempt, “After recently watching the movie ‘Billy Elliot,’ I wanted to start doing ballet again, which I learned during my childhood.”

Korea National Ballet Company’s lead ballerino, Lee Jae Woo, appeared as a mentor in order to guide Kai as he attempted to start ballet once again. Lee Jae Woo complimented the EXO member, “I heard that he learned ballet when he was young, but I was surprised to see that his body line was still there. Because he was taught ballet, I think he is able to quickly understand dances and express feelings through dance better than most.”

Kai also confessed, “In situations where I can’t dance, I listen to various genres of music and imagine myself dancing. I dreamed of becoming a singer because I liked dancing. Now, it’s not only dancing, but also singing and music that have become my life.”

In other related news, EXO has been sweeping first place on music charts with their newest mini album, “Overdose.”
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