Rap Group Rap:Ster Makes Debut

Flower boy group “Rap:Ster,” a hip-hop trio trained under rapper Outsider’s wing, has finally made their debut.

On May 27 at noon, Rap:Ster released its first single “Hello” on various music sites. If the group’s name is a composite of the words “rap” and “monster,” meaning a monster who creates wonderful music through rapping, then one can expect fresh and unique tracks and surprising collaborations from Rap:Ster.

“Hello was composed by underground trend setter Brown Sugar, who also produced the group “Swagger” (a duo composed of him and Carry Diamond). The lyrics, which are about the fickleness of men towards women, contain an allegorical reference to the hot-headed mentality of rookie singers. These witty rhymes combine with an exciting melody to leave an impression in one’s mind for a long time after hearing the song.

The three members of Rap:ster have been attracting attention from the public in various areas from long before their debut. Now with the group having received the full support of legendary rapper Outsider, it’s Rap:Ster’s time to shine.