VIXX Members Share Their Biggest Miracles and Show Affection for Fans

After returning from a six month break, the members of VIXX showed their undying affections for their fans.

On May 26, VIXX held a live online comeback show through Daum Music, counting down to their album release with their fans. It was through this show that VIXX revealed the music video for their title track “Eternity.”

Although the English title is “Eternity,” the Korean title really means, “miracle.” So the VIXX members each talked about their own personal miracles in their lives. Ravi first said, “I think it’s a miracle that I was born as my parent’s son. I also think it is an amazing miracle that I became part of VIXX and met all of you.”

Ken shared, “To me, fulfilling my dream of becoming a singer is a miracle. I’m especially always thankful that I became part of VIXX. Through this, we have met our Starlights,” as he mentioned his love for his fans.

Hyuk also commented, “I’ve always heard that I have great luck with people since long ago. My family, teachers, members, work family. Meeting them has been a miracle.”

Lastly, N shared, “The greatest miracle is that the six of us had met and debuted as a group called VIXX. There were many people who had a dream of being a singer, a dream of becoming part of VIXX. But out of those people, we came together like this so I think it’s a miracle.”

Soompiers, have you checked out VIXX’s new comeback music video for “Eternity?” If not, check it out now!