After School’s Nana Reveals Tips for Maintaining a Flawless Figure

After School member Nana recently completed a sexy pictorial for the June issue of “Ceci” magazine! 

The pictorial was the product of a collaboration between cosmetic brand, “DHC” and “Ceci” magazine. When asked how she maintains her figure, Nana replied, “I always perform strength exercises and inner therapy. I also make sure I’m careful about what I eat.” 

She continued, “After eating, I take DHC garcinia and I feel my body become lighter. Even on days where I eat late at night or don’t get to exercise, I’m still able to digest everything. When I don’t have time to exercise while filming, ‘Roommate,’ I just do some yoga or stretch.” 

The staff praised Nana for the smooth pictorial and interview saying, “It’s the first time we’ve completed a pictorial so quickly. Despite having a hectic schedule, her face doesn’t show any sign of fatigue. She brightened up the set with her energy in front of the camera. Since we completed a shoot with just one cut and no need for retouching, all of the staff clapped.”