Actress Kim So Eun Is Angelic For “Urbanlike”

Actress Kim So Eun recently shot a pictorial for fashion and lifestyle magazine, “Urbanlike.” 

For this particular shoot, Kim So Eun displayed different charms apart from the image she is known for on television. In her photos, Kim So Eun captivates fans with her charming, innocent and adorable image. 

When asked about her tips for maintaining her physique, she said, “Without intending to, when I start filming I start losing weight. Instead, I have to take care of my skin by consuming certain products. I also get my skin treated and try to eat things that are good for my skin. As TV starts shifting to high definition, actresses are having to take care of themselves more than ever.” 

You can view more of Kim So Eun’s photos from her shoot on the official website of “Urbanlike.” 

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