Kim Jong Kook Visits Charity Event Held by His Fans

Recently, Kim Jong Kook visited the charity event that was held by his fans after being moved by his fan’s philanthropic works! According to the singer’s agency, Kim Jong Kook had visited his fan club’s charity event, “Good Day.” 

good day

The event, which had taken place on May 24, aimed to raise money in order to help those who were in difficult situations. Besides online donations, the fans also held events in which they sold items and auctioned off Kim Jong Kook’s personal goods.

As the singer’s fans had held the charity event every year, Kim Jong Kook decided to visit the event in person. Thus, the May 24 event had become a time when fans were able to talk with the singer as well as purchase his personal items. All the money raised during the event was donated to children who needed funds for medical surgery, and also to people who were experiencing rough times. 

A representative of Kim Jong Kook’s agency said, “Originally, Kim Jong Kook’s fans had planned the event to occur last month following his birthday, but due to tragic events that had occurred to the nation (Sewol ferry accident) the event was postponed. We are glad that we were able to help and participate in a meaningful event.”

What a great example set by Kim Jong Kook and his fans!

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