CNBLUE’s Yonghwa and miss A’s Suzy Enjoy a LA Dodgers’ Game

CNBLUE‘s Yonghwa and miss A‘s Suzy were spotted in attendance of the May 26 LA Dodgers’ game! The two singers were at the stadium to support Dodgers’ pitcher, Ryu Hyun Jin.

Different from their usual stage attires, the two singers displayed a more comfortable look, wearing t-shirts and  jeans. Although the two were at the same game, Yonghwa and Suzy came separately to support Ryu Hyun Jin.


ryu hyun jin

For Yonghwa, the CNBLUE leader joined Ryu Hyun Jin for dinner after the game as the LA Dodgers’ pitcher wrote on his Twitter, “Ate dinner with good friend after a fun game, feat Yonghwa.” Along with the comment, the pitcher also posted an image of himself with the singer. On this evening, Yonghwa sang the Korean national anthem at the Dodgers’ Stadium as “Korea Night” was held before the game. 


miss A’s Suzy was also present, sporting the blue LA Dodgers’ cap. The singer, who is scheduled to throw out the first pitch for the Dodgers on May 28, visited the game after wrapping up a photoshoot in Hawaii. Suzy was seen holding up a sign with a message of support for LA Dodgers’ star pitcher. 

Best of luck to Ryu Hyun Jin on his upcoming games!

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