SM Entertainment’s Lee Soo Man Ranks Within Top 10 Producers on Oricon’s Top 100 List

SM Entertainment‘s producer Lee Soo Man once again ranked within the top 10 producers on “Oricon’s Yearly Hit Ranking Producer TOP 100.” It is the third year in a row in which Lee Soo Man has been ranked among the top 10 producers on Oricon’s yearly chart. 


Back in 2011 and 2012, the SM Entertainment’s producer ranked in third for the single album category. For 2013, Lee Soo Man was ranked at seventh, once again making it on the top 10 list. Furthermore, for the 2013 chart, Lee Soo Man was the highest ranked non-Japanese producer among the different foreign producers that were acknowledged, while his 2011 and 2012 ranking was the highest rank a non-Japanese producer had received. 

Moreover, the producer was ranked as 11th under the full album category for the 2013 chart. As the “Oricon’s Yearly Hit Ranking Producer TOP 100” was created back in 2008, it can be expected that Lee Soo Man will continue to produce great singers and songs. 

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