“Gangnam Style” Is Nearing 2 Billion Views on YouTube

It has been almost two years since PSY unleashed “Gangnam Style” to the world, and now it will soon become the first video for reach two billion views on YouTube.

At the time of writing, he only needs 2.5 million more views to reach this major milestone, and it is likely to happen sometime this week. 

Two billion views is also twice as much as the second most viewed YouTube video, “Baby” by Justin Biber.

Following the release of the music video of “Gangnam Style” on July 15, 2012, PSY did have live promotions of the song through Korean music programs, but it was the zany music video that caused it to be a viral hit world wide. 

PSY’s followup song track “Gentleman” was also a huge hit. It currently has 687 million views and is the seventh most viewed video on YouTube. 

As it has been a year since then, many are wondering when he will make his next comeback. It was reported two months ago that PSY is in the final stages of his new album. Before then, we were treated to some really strange teaser photos of PSY, Snoop Lion and G-Dragon at karaoake with older women.