Best Friends Lee Ki Woo, Hyunwoo, and Seo Ha Joon Head to Macau for New Traveling Show “Friends”

Actors Lee Ki Woo, Hyunwoo and Seo Ha Joon headed to Macau for Y-STAR‘s new traveling show “Friends.”

“Friends” is a new traveling show that will feature real celebrity friends as they go on journeys around the world.

The first group of friends to be featured on the show are actors Lee Ki Woo, Hyunwoo and Seo Ha Joon, who headed to Macau for the program.

Through the show, they will show a real side to them the audience may not be familiar with. For Hyunwoo from popular drama “Pasta“, this is his first go at a reality program, while Lee Ki Woo already comes in with experience as he has MCed “Playing Oppa” on Y-Star. Seo Ha Joon is also expected to shine as the maknae of the group. 

The trio’s “Friends in Macau” series will air on May 28 on Y-STAR.

Friends in Macau