ToppDogg Releases Hansol Teaser for Third Mini Album

Boy band ToppDogg has unveiled the latest teaser for their forthcoming mini album, set to be released on June 9. Much like the first video teaser, uploaded only days ago, it features one member only. This time, the member in question is Hansol.

Hansol, like B-Joo in the first teaser, conducts an unseen orchestra, which appears to be playing a piece of classical music by Mozart. Right at the end of the video, however, viewers are treated to a second or so of what we can only assume is the main part of the song.

The group has made big waves in the world of K-pop since it debuted last year in October with the mini album “Dogg’s Out.” The boys’ most recent release was “Arario,” which hit the charts in January.

Speculation will now surely grow as to whether each individual member will be featured in a separate teaser ahead of the new release, although the group’s entertainment agency, Stardom Entertainment, is yet to confirm or deny this.