Jiyeon Reveals K-Pop Inspiration in Arena Magazine Interview

T-ara star Jiyeon has featured in an interview and photo shoot for the Korean edition of Arena magazine. The article appears as Jiyeon continues to enjoy the success stemming from her debut solo song, “Never Ever.”

The singer is pictured in a variety of figure-hugging outfits, including a white mini-dress, a look that very much ties in with the song’s music video.


In the interview, Jieyon explains that she has taken inspiration from other K-pop artists, including former After School leader Kahi. “It is possible to be sexy without taking off all your clothes,” says Jiyeon. “Kahi showed off her six-pack in one of the promotional pictures for her solo album, but she was wearing quite masculine clothes in the photo. I think that was both cool and sexy.”


Jiyeon also adds that a lot of planning and discussion went on behind the scenes ahead of her solo release. She says, “I was so nervous about the project. It wasn’t easy to come to agreement with everybody involved regarding the concept, because a lot of the people involved had very different ideas about which direction we should take. We had countless long meetings about the subject for days on end.”