“Running Man’s” Kim Jong Kook Opens Instagram Account

Running Man’s” very own Sparta, Kim Jong Kook, has made an instagram account.

The account was made on May 27 and was confirmed by Kim Jong Kook’s agency’s official Instagram account.


So far, Kim Jong Kook has only put up two photos, one of a LA Dodgers hat and another of him with baseball player Ryu Hyun Jin. Hopefully the singer will be sharing more photos, but if you can’t for that you can head over to his agency’s account which has plenty of photos of Kim Jong Kook.

 You can follow Kim Jong Kook here. 

In recent news, Kim Jong Kook honored his fans’ philanthropic works by visiting his fan club’s charity event. On last week’s episode of “Running Man” the Sparta was taken down momentarily with the strategic use of a certain actress’ name.