Choi Jin Hyuk Is Devilishly Handsome for “Men’s Health”

Choi Jin Hyuk may be the man that women want and other men aspire after .

The actor of the drama “Emergency Couple” and the upcoming summer movie “The Divine Move” showed how manly and handsome he could be for the cover and photo spread for Men’s Health Magazine.

For the cover, Choi Jin Hyuk parted his hair and wore all white for a clean modern man look. It’s only his typical tough guy hand-to-the-chin pose that hints at the more masculine photo spread inside. The photo spread went with a darker concept, tousling Choi Jin Hyuk’s hair and giving him well fitting jeans. Whether he is posing with guns or weight Choi Jin Hyuk focuses on an edgier and manlier look. Any man looking for a tough and masculine style inspiration should take a look at his photos.

Any woman who wants to rest her eyes on Choi Jin Hyuk’s sharp features should take more than a few looks.

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Choi Jin Hyuk will appear in the film “The Divine Look” and the upcoming drama “Fated to Love You.”