Infinite’s Dongwoo Talks About Woohyun’s Current Condition After Shoulder Injury

On the May 28 radio broadcast for MBC FM4U’s “Park Kyung Lim’s 2 O’Clock Date,” Infinite members Dongwoo, L, and Sungjong appeared as guests.

Earlier, during MBC’s “Idol Futsal World Cup” on May 26, it was reported that Infinite’s Woohyun was involved in an accident that caused a shoulder injury. Following the injury, Woohyun was taken to the hospital to receive treatment. 

During the radio show, DJ Park Kyung Lim asked the other members what had happened, as a lot of fans were expressing curiosity and concern for Woohyun’s current status.

Dongwoo explained, “Woohyun injured his shoulder while filming for a sports program. Right now, he can’t use one of his arms normally. We hope that he recovers quickly because it is difficult for him to do the dance choreography. It seems that a lot of fans already know [of his injury] and are worrying.”