Jung Joon Young and Younha Release a Powerful “Just the Way You Are” MV

In the midst of Gary and Jung In’s duet “Your Scent” having swept the music charts, vocal powerhouses Jung Joon Young and Younha have finally released their own long-awaited collaboration, “Just the Way You Are.”

The new song features a refreshing mesh of guitar and piano, as well as the unique harmony created by two unique voices, for a song with the beauty of a ballad and the power of rock music.

CJ E&M previously explained, “The core of the message is that even if you’re a little imperfect, even if you’re different, it’s okay. We hope that anyone who listens to this song receives even just a little bit of consolation and confidence,” and the song does just that.

The two singers have been friends for a long time, and had often talked of working on a duet project together. Finally, after the decision to do a collaboration and three months in the recording studio together, they have released the final product. Watch the music video below!