Smile.G Releases Their Debut MV “DoBiDoBob”

Show Works Entertainment‘s new girl group Smile.G released the music video for their debut single “DoBiDoBob” on May 29. 

The music video starts out with a cute animation sequence, hinting at the girls’ cute image. Throughout the video, the five-member girl group shows off their adorable and energetic image, sporting various cheerleader outfits and pants with funny faces. 

The music video also includes footage of the new girl group performing on the streets in front of various audiences. 

The pop dance tune was composed by Kim Han Seok, while the dance for the single was choreographed by YJ BaBa, who has formerly choreographed for artists like Stellar and U-KISS. Smile.G consists of members Woobin, Insun, Maxie, Jieun, and Lina, who all show their own personality through the music video. 

Check out their debut music video below and let us know what you think! 

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