Seo In Guk Shows Fans Some Special Luvin’ at Taiwan Concert

Many fan girls must be jealous over the special treatment a particular fan received from Seo In Guk this past weekend.

Seo In Guk held his concert “Seo In Guk Live Show in Taipei 2014” in Nankang 101, Taiwan on May 24. He had a special time with a thousand of his fans, getting to perform his past hits “No Matter What,” “Love U,” and “With Laughter or With Tears.” Fans were in for a treat as they get to hear him perform his recent track “BOMTANABA” live for the first time in Taiwan.

He was met to loud applause from fans. Seo In Guk said to the fans, “It’s the first time I had a fanmeeting in Taiwan, and I’ll be able to make many wonderful memories here since so many have come. Thank you.”

Seo In Guk prepared a special event where one fan got to go on stage during his “Love U” stage. He hugged her from behind and held onto her while he serenaded.

Seo In Guk also had a cooking corner where he made a special Taiwanese bread.

After hearing that a sick fan went to the concert despite the body’s condition, Seo In Guk jumped off the stage right after the performance ended, met the fan and took pictures.

Meanwhile, Seo In Guk will be balancing company and high school life for his upcoming drama “High School King” (working title).

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