Comedian Lee Young Ja and Actor Oh Man Suk Become New MCs of “Taxi”

Kim Gu Ra and Hong Eun Hee will be leaving their positions as MCs for tvN’s talk show “Taxi,” but no worries over the show’s future, as the empty spots have already been filled by comedian Lee Young Ja and actor Oh Man Suk!

According to sources in the industry, the new MCs will have their first shoot during the first week of June.

A representative of tvN commented, “Oh Man Suk’s witty wordplay and Lee Young Ja’s ability to engage the guests are a good match in addition to their hosting styles, and we expect to see their comparability through the show.”

The unique talk show has been on a hiatus since April 22, when the last episode hosted by Kim Gu Ra and Hong Eun Hee aired.

“Taxi” will return to the air with the new MCs in mid-June. The first guest is yet to be decided.