Son Tae Young Plays the Evil Witch for “High Cut” Pictorial

Actress Son Tae Young transformed into a evil witch for “High Cut” pictorial. Apparently, the concept was inspired by Angelina Jolie‘s recent portrayal of the witch in her recent movie “Maleficent.” 

During the interview that followed the pictorial, Son Tae Young said, “I really enjoy doing different things. I thought that portraying the evil yet sexy character from ‘Malificent’ would be fun. I want to strip away the ‘Mommy’ character and go on to play various roles just like actresses from Hollywood.'”

Son Tae Young is currently appearing in the TV Chosun channel drama “Into the Flames” and often shows pictures of her daily life with fellow actor husband Kwon Sang Woo and their son Kwon Rook Hee on her SNS.

Son Tae Young for High Cut 2

Son Tae Young for High Cut 3