“Superman Returns” Tablo and Haru Join Instagram

Rapper Tablo and his daughter Haru have joined Instagram!

On May 28, Tablo shared the delightful news through his Twitter. He wrote, “Haru is here,” and included a link to the Instagram account.

As the sweet family of Kang Hye Jung, Tablo, and Haru is widely loved thanks to KBS2TV’s popular variety show “Superman Returns,” the Instagram account has quickly gained over 20,000 followers. Although the account has been running for less than 48 hours, Tablo has been already posted multiple snapshots of his adorable daughter.

Seems like the artist is loving his life as the father of a young girl, as the sweet Instagram username “tabloisdad” hints.

Make sure to follow Tablo and Haru on Instagram for your daily dose of cuteness!