SHINee Enjoys a Colorful Camping Trip in “Lucky Star” Short PV

The original contemporary group SHINee released the short version music video for their upcoming Japanese single, “Lucky Star,” through the official Universal Japan YouTube channel.

As seen in the music video teaser that was released almost two weeks ago, the members of SHINee roll out of a funky vintage beetle van and run in the hills. Now through this short PV, we find that they are going to go hot air ballooning and camping. SHINee does not disappoint with this cute charms as they set up camp, and even use a purple eggplant as a microphone. 

Also shown again in this PV is the date “June 22, 2011” which is the date SHINee debuted in Japan. It looks like SHINee will be celebrating their three year Japanese anniversary soon.

“Lucky Star” will be released on June 25.