ZE:A Releases Comeback MV Teaser for “Breathe”

With ZE:A‘s new mini album “First Homme” scheduled for release in a few days, their music video teaser for “Breathe” has been revealed.

The teaser shows off various sets. Starting with what looks like the inside of a spaceship, we see one member carrying a girl though a post-apocalyptic world. Two other members are seen in a clear snowy area. Altogether, it seems like it will have a very unique storyline.

“Breathe” was composed by Brave Brothers and Battle of the Stars, with from Brave Brothers and song arrangement by Battle of the Stars. The song is described as having a strong guitar sound and piano line, the latter of which is inspired by Euro-pop.

“First Homme,” which is set for release on June 2, features five tracks. Along with their track list being released yesterday, it was revealed that several ZE:A members worked on a few of the songs.

What do you think of their comeback track so far?