Dal Shabet Comeback Put on Hold Following Subin’s Surgery

Happy Face Entertainment, the talent agency which represents Dal Shabet, has announced that a planned comeback for the six-member girl group has been put on hold. The girls will, however, go ahead with performances for at least two upcoming concerts. The move comes as a result of a traffic accident involving member Subin, who sustained injuries to her leg and hip.

The accident took place on May 23 in the city of Ulsan, where Subin had been filming a reality TV show called “Nine to Six 6.” The severity of Subin’s injuries, however, meant that the singer had to be transferred to a hospital in Seoul’s Gangnam district for an operation. Although the surgery was as success, Happy Face has now confirmed that it has been forced make some changes to the group’s upcoming schedule.

A representative for the agency told the media, “We have decided to delay the group’s comeback because Subin is still in hospital recovering.”

The group will, however, go ahead with at least two performance without their youngest member. The spokesperson confirmed, “We have an event planned in China next month, as well as the Dream Concert [in Seoul on June 7]. Dal Shabet will go ahead with those performances as a five-piece.”

Dal Shabet’s most recent musical release was the mini album “B.B.B,” released in January this year.