T-ara’s Eunjung Reveals Her Ideal Type in bnt International Photo Shoot

Eunjung of girl group T-ara revealed her ideal type.

In a recent photo shoot for bnt International, Eunjung came out with a more mature image and had an interview which she talked about genuine stories.

While Eunjung has shown a robust and powerful image up until now as T-ara’s rapper, she revealed her womanly and appealing image in this photo shoot for bnt.

Eunjung disclosed “While there are many sides to me, if there is an opportunity, I want the womanly and appealing image that is one of my many images to be known. However, I can’t force that image to be known and I don’t want to force my image to be changed. I want to show off my other sides naturally like how water flows naturally.”

When talking about love, Eunjung carefully treaded the topic. “My ideal type is a humorous man is dignified and understanding, and he embraces his girlfriend well. Therefore his image must be good. I like a man who has many aspects about him worth admiring. As for appearance, that’s not very important. Eunjung picked Ok Taecyeon and Kim Soo Hyun as her ideal types among the actors she has worked with and also referenced Sung Shi Kyung, raising eyebrows.








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