BEAST’s Yang Yoseob Leaves Warm Message Previewing Comeback

As BEAST will make their comeback in mid June, member Yoseob left a message to his fans previewing the group’s return. On May 30, the video featured Yoseob standing on what seemed to be the set of the group’s upcoming music video. In the short 42 second video message, Yoseob expressed, “Our comeback is very soon, and I am filed with many emotions. However, thinking about how long our fans have been waiting for us makes me feel sad for our fans. We have been working hard to bring good contents, so please look forward to our new song. Thank you!”

The heartfelt message displayed just how long BEAST had been waiting to make their comeback, as well as how long their fans have waited for the group’s return. Beast will be returning on June 16 with their new song. Watch Yoseob’s video message below!