Defconn Looks Likes Robert Downey Jr.?

On a recent broadcast of KBS 2TV‘s “I Live Alone,” Defconn stated that he thought that he looked like Robert Downey Jr while looking at an altered picture of himself. However, hold your horses, as the rapper made the comment in a joking manner after a dermatologist showed him a photoshopped version of his face. 

robert downey jr

The May 30 broadcast showed Defconn receiving a particular massage on his face to help loosen his muscles so that his face may appear slimmer. When he mentioned that his eyebrows made him look angrier, Defconn was shown a photoshopped image of how he would look if he had plastic surgery. After looking at his altered face, the rapper said, “My eyes like look like Dakota Fanning. I think I also kind of look like Robert Downy Jr.”

All joking aside, Defconn was definitely not laughing when he received the painful face massage, which in the end contributed  in creating a slimmer face.