Fans of “Reply 1994” Donate Money to Children’s Brain Tumor Treatments

Fans of the popular tvN drama “Reply 1994” have come together to help children who are very sick. Back in April, members of “Reply 1994” DC Galley took part in a donation event which resulted in raising the total amount of about $10,265 USD. All the money raised was donated to Sinchon’s Yonsei Severance Hospital.

A representative of the drama’s fans commented, “Since we had money left over from our special events, we decided to donate the remaining amount. We donated to children with brain tumor in memory of the older brother of Sung Na Jung (Go Ara‘s character) and friend of Mr. Garbage who passed away as a kid in the drama due to a brain tumor.”

The reason for donating to Sinchon’s Yonsei Severance Hospital was because Mr. Garbage, who became a doctor in the drama, also worked at the same hospital. The donation receipt has already been given to most of the “Reply 1994” cast members, and we predict that the actors involved in the drama would be very proud of their fans.

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