Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and Siwon’s Dogs Fight and Make Up on Twitter

Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk and Siwon are both known for being two of the more active Twitter using idols. Native and international fans alike appreciate the photos they share and the frequent updates on their lives. Both of them also are very proud papas of their pet dogs, Siwon’s Bugsy and Eunhyuk’s Choco

On May 31, Bugy and Choco had a very public dispute over Twitter. 

It started with this tweet. Bugsy seemed very proud of his fierce image and his owner’s calves. 

Choco saw this photo and thought that he made a better monstrous dog. 

Bugsy was having none of it. 

More of a lover than a fighter, Choco decided to seduce Bugsy. 

Bugsy shared another photo, and threatened Choco (despite the rather demure photo) with fighting words. However, it seems that Bugsy rather regretted the harsh words and deleted the tweet. 


Choco did not seem to like where this conversation was going.

Bugsy decided he needed to be the better dog and sent out a peace offering. 

Who could still be mad after that? Not Choco.

And thus, Bugsy and Choco made up and went back to being good doggie friends. It’s nice to have a happy ending.

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