New “Hotel King” Still Photos Show Lee Dong Wook’s Off-Camera Look

Lee Dong Wook might all be serious and with a straight face in “Hotel King,” but in reality, the actor is far from his on-screen character as can be seen in the new still photos of “Hotel King.”

In “Hotel King,” Lee Dong Wook plays the role of the cold-hearted hotelier Cha Jae Wan, however, in the still photos released by his agency King Kong Entertainment on May 30, the actor is seen brightly smiling in some while the others showed him taking on a more serious expression on his face.

Contrary to the cold-hearted guy that Lee Dong Wook plays in the drama, he squinted as he smiled and enjoyed himself in the filming set. He engaged in playful banter with the other actors and staff of the series as well.

Acting out a cold-hearted guy must be a lot of work for Lee Dong Wook especially that he is naturally a warm, bright guy. “It could get very tiring, with the tight schedule of a drama series, but he has shown a bright energy all throughout the time we were in the shoot location,” shared a representative from the series.

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