BEAST Upload Second Spoiler Featuring Son Dongwoon and Yang Yoseob

Boy band BEAST has released another spoiler ahead of the group’s forthcoming musical release, which is set to be unveiled on June 16.

The video, uploaded by the group’s agency, Cube Entertainment, is just under one minute long.

In the spoiler, members Dongwoon and Yoseob are playing some kind of arcade video game, while staff mill in the background. Dongwoon sees a predominantly green image. This prompts him to start a conversation which ends in a touching message for the group’s fans.

“It reminds me of clover,” he says. “Three leaf clovers mean happiness and four leaf clovers mean good luck.”

At this point, Yeoseob chimes in to say, “We want to wish you all plenty of happiness and good luck.”

The spoiler is BEAST’s second ahead of their new release. The first one, which featured only Yoseob, was uploaded on May 30.